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Presenter Portal

IIBHN is pleased that you will be presenting at IIBHN's Annual Conference on April 4th & 5th, 2024.  From this page, you can update your Presenter Profile, download the presentation template, upload your finished presentation, and get useful information about presenting at the IIBHN 2024 Conference.

Please make sure to complete ALL 6 steps below!


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Step 1:
C-WHO Disclosure & Speaker Profile

Deadline March 18, 2024

Click on the "+" sign to review the C-WHO disclosure and submit your speaker profile form below. By submitting the speaker profile form you are agreeing to the C-WHO disclosure. This form also ensures that we have your most up-to-date contact info so we can contact you with any updates. Your "Full Name", "Degree/Credential", and Bio will be visible on the IIBHN 2024 website. 


Speaker Profile

Please submit before March 18th, 2024

Step 2:
Session Description & Learning Objectives 

**Please fill this form out for each session you are presenting.** 

Step 3:
Presenter Downloads 

Please download the IIBHN branded PowerPoint Template and copy your session content into the template. Then follow the prompts in step 3 to upload your final PowerPoint. 

Download IIBHN PPT Template

Step 4:
Speaker Artifacts

Deadline March 18, 2024

Please upload your speaker artifacts by clicking on the buttons below. We are requesting that you upload your professional headshot, your IIBHN branded (see step 2 to download template) PowerPoint presentation for each of your sessions and any handout materials you would like to make available to your session attendees. 

*If you are presenting more than 1 session, make sure to upload a final ppt and handouts for each session.


Professional Headshot (PNG, or JPEG format): First and Last Name - Headshot
ex: Jane Doe - Headshot

Upload Your Professional Headshot

Presentation (PPT format): First and Last Name- Title of Session-Final PPT

ex: Jane Doe - Primary Care Behavioral Health in Rural Idaho - Final PPT

Upload Your IIBHN Branded Session PPT

Handouts (PDF, PNG, or JPEG format): First and Last Name -Title of Session - Handout Title
ex: Jane Doe - Primary Care Behavioral Health in Rural Idaho - Workflow

Upload Your Session Handouts

Step 5:
Submit Amedco Disclosure 

Deadline March 18, 2024

*If you are presenting more than 1 session, you need to fill out this disclosure for each session.

Please fill out this Amedco Disclosure

Step 6:
Schedule a Presentation Run Through 

Deadline March 18, 2024

Please book a 30 min. time slot during the month (March) leading up to the IIBHN 2024 Conference to meet with Connor Leavitt via Microsoft Teams to walk through your presentation needs, expectations, technology questions, etc. 


If you have any questions, or concerns, or need help with completing any of the items requested above,
please contact Jennifer Yturriondobeitia & Jake Wilson.

Jennifer Yturriondobeitia

[email protected]


Jake Wilson

[email protected]