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Check out our resources below on mental health, building community, and normalizing sobriety.


Mental Health
Building Community
Normalizing Sobriety

Mental Health

Check out these resources for mental health and mindfulness


Student Resources
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
National Institute of Mental Health
The Trevor Project
Mindfulness Resources
Find a Clinic Near You
Learn About Anxiety
Learn About Depression

Need some help establishing boundaries? 

Download our decision tree to help prioritize your mental health and better your relationships.


Crisis & Suicide Prevention

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Idahoans face many barriers to behavioral health care. People with serious mental illness (SMI) may need crisis care, but may not need an Emergency Room; their crisis is unique and requires specialized care.

Learn More
More Mental Health Resources

Building Community

It can be hard to find like-minded folks to hang out with. We have a list of in-person and online resources for building community.

In-Person Communities 

Youth MOVE Idaho
Community Youth in Action (Idaho Falls)
Kamiah and Kooskia Teen Centers
Sandpoint Teen Center
Lincoln County Youth Center

Online Communities 

How to Stay Safe Online
Youth MOVE Idaho
Write the World
How to Find a Discord Community
How to Build a Discord Community

Normalizing Sobriety 

By talking openly and honestly about sobriety we chip away the shame and stigma associated with it.


means you're not being affected by substances like alcohol or drugs


is the state of being sober

normalizing sobriety

allows for more acceptance and helps remove stigmas around drugs, alcohol, and addiction. You do not need to “have a problem” or “be addicted” to normalize sobriety.

People choose to be sober for many reasons like fitness, religion, mental wellness, and saving money. Some people choose to be sober for a month, or a year, or the rest of their lives.

sober curious

refers to being curious and questioning ideas around substances like drugs and alcohol and being mindful of personal consumption. Sober curious encourages a sober lifestyle but is for everyone regardless of whether they choose to be completely sober. It encourages reflection and aims to normalize sobriety.

"No thanks"

should be the end of the conversation. But if you feel nervous about saying no to a friend or peer, we've got a few conversation enders for you below.

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