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We invite you to join the cadre of interdisciplinary health professionals inspiring innovative partnerships and promotion of continued development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated behavioral health (IBH) care while considering the role of IBH in healthcare transformation. Our community consists of a variety of professionals representing a wide range of disciplines such as primary care, psychiatrists, psychologists, private and public payers, healthcare administration, behavioral health providers, and quality improvement organizations. 

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As an IIBHN member you will have access to: 

  • Access to our IIBHN learning library with over 100+ hours of high quality trainings
  • Access to technical assistance experts
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Members-only email newsletters and listservs to keep you updated on the latest news, resources, career openings, and financial opportunities related to integrated behavioral health
  • Opportunities to lead IIBHN through participation on the Leadership Team, committees, blogs, videos, and other forums


IIBHN Membership


Membership Benefits

  • Access to previous conference trainings for the duration of your membership (100+ hours of trainings)
  • Opportunity to lead IIBHN and network with other members
  • Email [email protected] for group discounts for groups of 5 or more
  • And so much more!

 Goals of IIBHN

The Idaho Integrated Behavioral Health Network (IIBHN) is focused on systems transformation to increase access and improve the quality of behavioral health services in Idaho. IIBHN is the vehicle to drive change and the IIBHN annual statewide learning collaborative is the tool to develop professional learning collaboratives to enhance and support the growth of Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) programs through peer to peer support, advancing clinical education, facilitating statewide training opportunities and developing a cadre of technical experts for sustainability. The IIBHN is expanding the network by offering membership opportunities for integrated behavioral health professionals.

The IIBHN was created to achieve four primary goals:

Goal 1: Education
We aim to provide education on different integration models regarding value, implementation, best practices, and resources.

Goal 2: Professional Networking
We aim to facilitate opportunities for local and statewide professional network development among integrated behavioral health professionals (IBHP) and administrators.

Goal 3: Standardization
Our aim is to identify a common readiness tool and promote the utilization of the NCQA guidelines for integrated behavioral health.

Goal 4: Recognition
Our aim is to position the IIBHN as a key policy, advocacy, and technical assistance resource in the state of Idaho.


IIBHN's Mission

Our mission is to create local networks of Integrated Behavioral Health Providers (IBHPs) across the state of Idaho that facilitate sharing of best practices, promotion of integrated behavioral health, and are connected to a larger state guiding body that supports this vital healthcare role through technical assistance (TA) and advocacy. The IIBHN shares a common vision to develop a behavioral health integration learning collaborative and to create a community of sharing and giving. Consider joining like-minded professionals as part of a growing community focused on sharing and giving to enhance health care delivery and increase access to appropriate behavioral health services.

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