Don Bloch Award


On October 15th, 2022, the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association (CFHA) announced at their annual conference in Boise, ID that Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization became the very first organization to receive the Don Bloch Award, CFHA’s primary organizational award of significance.

Named after Don Bloch, MD, a seminal founder of CFHA and the award's very first recipient, the Don Bloch award recognizes an individual, and now an organization, whose work and character exemplify Don Bloch and thus advances the field of integrated care, regardless of career stage. While presenting the award, CFHA CEO, Neftali Serrano, said “He was the kind of person who if you had a conversation with him and you sparked some idea he would say ‘I’m gonna connect you to this person and we’re gonna get this done…' that combination of someone who could get things done and who was relationally just built on individuals and someone who attracted people is who Don Bloch was.”

We here at C-WHO are honored to be receiving this award as we strive to achieve health equity for all through radically innovative solutions throughout the health continuum. Receiving this honor for the Don Bloch Award shows that we are on our path to achieving this mission and advancing the field of integrated care by exemplifying intellectual, behavioral, and relational qualities such as innovative thinking, hardworking and effective, and networking and connecting.

“Our culture at C-WHO is one of acceptance, agility, and questioning the status quo to bring about changes for those that we serve… C-WHO as an organization is innovative, and as individuals within the organization, we encourage each other to think big, think loud and dream about what healthcare could be, and make that happen.”

-Denise Jensen, C-WHO Chief Administrative Officer