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What People Are Saying About IIBHN Confernces

“Great job On the IIBHN conference! Your team really managed things well, and this was the best conference yet. My main complaint is having too many good presentations to attend at the same time. So, it's great that the videos will be on the website.”

-Patty Gibson MD
(IIBHN speaker and attendee)

Jane Doe

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Jim Doe

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New Provider Enrollment User Guide 

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Collaborative Practice Agreement

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Pharmacist Billing

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Medicaid Provider Enrollment and Billing for Services Slides

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Idaho State Board of Pharmacy June 2020 Newsletter

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Pharmacist Billing for Cognitive Services in Idaho Medicaid

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Idaho Medicaid ORP allowed CPT Codes for Billing Services

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Reimbursement for Medications for Addiction Treatment Toolkit

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ASPN Conference Session: Grants Are Scary...Please Help 

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ASPN November Conference Slide Deck

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